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assistant head coach

How long have you been coaching swimming?
​I have been coaching since my eldest daughter Kate started competing at the of 8 which was 11 years ago.
How did you get into coaching?
Basically as an ex swimmer the headcoach at that time found out I was an ex swimmer and wouldnt allow me to become a swimming parent! I was persuaded onto poolside to help and that was how it all started. 

Head coach
DAI thomas


Spearheaded by Head Coach Dai Thomas, all the coaching team, staff and volunteers alike, are qualified to coach swimming or are in the process of seeking formal accreditation and are being supervised.

What is your most memorable moment as a swim coach?
Every moment in swimming is memorable whether it is the 3 year old taking their first stroke when teaching, the winning of the medal, or most importantly the effort put in by the swimmers and their parents. I have created so many memories since 1989 it would take up the whole of the website.

Ceri's Qualifications:
STA Level 1&2
​Teaching Swimming


Dai's Qualifications:
ASA Level 1&2 Teaching Swimming
ASA Level 1,2 & 3 Coaching Swimming
ASA Licensed Tutor - Teaching & Coaching Acquatics
UK Coaching Tutor for Safeguarding & Keeping Young People Safe in Sport
​Tutor – Sports Leader Award in Competitive Swimming


getting to know OUR COACHES

​​What is the best thing about being a swim coach?
​The best part of coaching for me is seeing how pleased with themselves the swimmers are when they have had a great swim but equally the worst part is seeing how disappointed they are when a swim hasnt quite gone to plan.
What is your most memorable moment as a swim coach?
My most memorable moments have to be the many weekends spent away at Haverfordwest for West Wales Champs, the team spirit and appetite to do their from the children to do their best is amazing and socially it makes for a great weekend for swimmers and parents alike. Its great to be able to spend quality time together as a team with some free time away from the pool environment.

Paul's Qualifications:
ASA Level 1 & 2 Swim ASA Coach Level 1 Water Polo
ASA  Timekeeper

What is the best thing about being a swim coach?

There is no one best thing, it is seeing the youngsters grow into confident mature adults and making their way in life achieving their full potential whatever that may be. 

Paul Osborne, Martin Butler, Ceri Owen, Jasmine Holdsworth, Joanne Holdsworth and Simon Thomas support Dai  to run the training sessions as well
​as the competitions which the team are involved with.

Club potential lead


How long have you been coaching swimming?
I've been a swimming coach since 2010 .
How did you get into coaching?
I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 10 years of age (still swimming) and wanted to put that experience and passion for swimming back into a club.
What is the best thing about being a swim coach?
The satisfaction of seeing children learning to swim and enjoying being in the water. If they develop into competitive swimmers, setting and achieving goals, that's an added bonus.
What is your most memorable moment as a swim coach?
​I'm sure there's plenty of those moments yet to arrive (and its a privilege to coach swimming) but certainly at this stage developing the swimming ability of the Welsh youth international water polo u16 boys, girls and senior women's squad, and helping develop the swimming strength of one senior male and two of the u.18 girls, all of whom went on to full representative GB honours.

Martin's Qualifications:
ASA Level 1&2 Coaching Swimming
ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics
ASA Disability Swim Awareness
ASA Deaf Friendly Swimming
ASA Visually Impaired Friendly Swimming
ASA Competitive Dives – Fundamentals
ASA Qualified Timekeeper
ASA Level 1 Judge
​STA Level 1&2

​Joanne (Jo) holdsworth (jas & Sienna's mum plus fixtures & membership secretary & TEAM MANAGER)

Joanne's Qualifications:
ASA Level 1 Coaching Swimming
ASA Level 1 Teaching Swimming

How long have you been coaching swimming?
I have been teaching and coaching swimming since 1989.
Why did you get into coaching?

I got involved as a parent when taking my children to learn to swim and really enjoyed it.  I have carried out many club roles over the years before becoming a head coach. My children have long gone out of the sport and if anyone had said to me in 1989 that it would become my second career I would have just laughed but who knows where life will take you.

Jasmine's (Jas) Qualifications:
Former senior Club swimmer &  Club Captain (2018-19)
​ASA Level 1 Coaching & Teaching Swimming, ASA  Timekeeper & RLSS Lifeguard

Jasmine holdsworth

All our coaches have also been subject to the appropriate DBS vetting required for working with children and young people. 

Simon's Qualifications:
Level 1 & 2 Personal Trainer

SIMON THOMAS (charlie's dad plus committee member)

How long have you been coaching swimming? 
I started as a parent volunteer with the club in 2012, gained my first coaching qualifications in 2014 and in 2016 started the Club Potential/Advanced groups. 
Why did you get into coaching?
My boys were in swimming club, and as an ex-Swansea Valley Club swimmer I was keen to help out. I thoroughly enjoyed being on poolside and decided to take it further and gain coaching and teaching qualifications.
What is the best thing about being a swim coach?

Helping swimmers to achieve their potential, it can be challenging at times but incredibly rewarding. Acquiring new skills and learning something new every swim session. Being part of a team who really enjoy what they do, and making new friends in the world of swimming.
What is your most memorable moment as a swim coach?
Organising a Swimathon, and seeing swimmers, parents, coaches and pool staff come together to help raise money for a local good-cause. It was an amazing few hours of swimming and something I will never forget. .