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​Celtic Dolphins Swimming Club
Pontardawe Swimming Pool
King George V Park, Jones Street
 Pontardawe, SA8 4JE

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ProSwimwear, Europe's largest competitive on-line swimwear store, are affiliated to the Celtic Dolphins Swimming Club and provide a wide range of quality swimwear and equipment to our swimmers with benefits being received back to the Club to reward members for their loyalty.

To find out more, visit the dedicated Celtic Dolphins webpage at ProSwimwear.

TOP TIPS & Glossary

For those new or returning to swimming, a glossary of the key swimming terms has been  prepared by the coaches. 
Top tips to get the best out of competing together with information on pool etiquette have also been put together by the Celtic Dolphins team

  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Finns
  • Paddle
  • Snorkle
  • 2 tennis balls
  • Empty Pot Noodle pot


club essentials

In addition to the appropriate swim-wear, goggles and a drink, the basic kit swimmers are required to bring to training is as follows which should be contained within a net swim bag for ease of access and storage.


For competitions swimmers are expected to wear the correct swim-wear, goggles, a Celtic Dolphins swim cap and a Celtic Dolphins branded t-shirt for pool-side. 

Celtic Dolphins caps and t-shirts together with a range of branded clothing, most of which can be personalised, are available to purchase through the Club. 

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